April 14, 2017

Naomi Bugre

Naomi Bugre has been involved in activism since the age of 16 and is today a campaigner, co-founder and law student. She has played an advisory role, not only for individuals and organizations, but also for the government and politicians in Malta and across Europe, on issues including minority and human rights, and the rights of children and refugees. The campaign ''Redefining Us,'' which Naomi co-founded, reaches out to students, teachers and Maltese citizens on hate speech and the dangers of division within Maltese society. She is dedicated to using her own experiences of racial discrimination to empower and educate others while also taking the time to listen to stories and experiences of victims and provide a platform for their stories. Naomi is active in a number of youth organizations where she is dedicated to promoting values of acceptance and diversity.  Naomi was recently elected as the Vice President of the Maltese National Youth Council where she strives to represent and empower young people.

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