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American Abroad Student of the Month - December 2016

Tana is an enthusiastic and curious student who cares deeply about serving her new community in Bosnia and Herzegovina and fostering mutual understanding between the United States and her host county through cultural exchange.

American Abroad Student of the Month - September 2016

Cyrus Johnson, a Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study (YES) Abroad scholar from Portland, Oregon, has been named September’s American Abroad Student of the Month.

YES Abroad participant Alessandra Gest from Texas studied in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Alessandra is the YES Abroad Student of the Month for February

American Abroad Student of the Month - April 2016

Elizabeth has become deeply connected with her host family and community in Ghana and has a keen interest in making traditional Batik fabric and learning traditional sewing techniques.

American Abroad Student of the Month - February 2016

Matt’s commitment to immersing himself into his host community and his love for Bosnia are highlighted in press and TV interviews. Matt is learning to play a traditional instrument (the tamburica), participates in religious and social events and workshops, volunteers at the local soup kitchen, kindergarten, high school association, and the U.S. Embassy’s American Corner, and is learning how to make traditional dishes.

December 2015 - American Abroad Student of the Month

Georgia native Maxwell Meyers fully embraced the YES Abroad program's ideals by going above and beyond to learn about his host country Macedonia and share his American culture through presentations at a local high school and volunteering with a living library project, among many other activities.

November 2015 - American Abroad Student of the Month

Olympia, Washington native Fay Lee seeks out opportunities to share her American experience with her Malaysian peers in her host city of Shah Alam by facilitating discussions between her fellow YES alumni and her Malaysian peers.

YES Abroad Experience Fosters Alumna's Passion for Human Rights

Savannah Wooten's 10 months in Sarajevo sparked within her a deep interest in the power of policy and diplomacy to prevent, mitigate, and comprehensively respond to international conflict and mass atrocity crimes.

YES Abroad Alumna Receives Citizen Diplomacy Award for Dedication to Service, Cultural Exchange

After her exchange, Sarah Bibbey cofounded an NGO in Kumasi, Ghana called Enliven Mama Africa, which empowers Ghanaian mothers through a diverse portfolio of strategies.