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  • Four-month U.S.-based fellowship: CSP fellows are matched with non-profit organizations, private entities, and government offices across the United States where they work with peers (or U.S. colleagues) on initiatives related to issues they face in their own communities.
  • Community Leadership Institute (CLI): The cornerstone of CSP is the Community Leadership Institute, a leadership academy that provides customized learning and coaching to each CSP Leader. The CLI uses a blended-learning approach, where leaders participate in online sessions and in-person workshops, receive professional coaching, engage in experiential learning through tailored professional fellowships at U.S. host institutions, and interact with other professionals in their field. CSP enables fellows to work across the multiple communities — their individual fellowship cohort, the larger CSP alumni community, their U.S. host community, and their home community — to learn and disseminate knowledge and best practices aimed at generating positive community change.
  • Community Action Projects: CSP fellows develop innovative community action projects in collaboration with their U.S. host institutions and implement them after they return to their home countries. Project summaries are made available online, allowing fellows to share their work with other community leaders around the world.
  • International network of community development professionals: CSP fellows continue to network and collaborate with like-minded leaders from around the world on global development issues through alumni activities and opportunities offered through the online Community Leadership Institute platform.

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