Group of TechGirl participants working at computers

Program Spotlight

TechGirls Give Back!

NARRATOR: TechGirls is a U.S. Department of State exchange program that brings girls from the Middle East and North Africa to the U.S. to pursue careers in science and technology. In addition to developing hands-on skills, such as programming and web design, and meeting with experts in science and technology, the girls also participate in community service activities. These activities help them creatively address the needs of their own community. This year, the TechGirls volunteered with Hell's Kitchen Farm Project, a rooftop garden in New York City.
VOLUNTEER: These are spinach seeds. Let me get four people here, who have never planted a seed. Okay. And then we will space, you want the seeds to be at least half-an-inch deep. And we’ll space them, um, about two seeds every three inches. 
HUSSEINA: I’m in Hell’s Kitchen, right now. I love gardening. I’ve been like sowing seeds in soil and I learned many great things here. 
IMANE: So the people here have thought that rooftops are mainly for barbecues and maybe parties, but why not having some productive things on rooftops, so they try to plant some stuff to feed people. Yeah! And it’s fun! 
MANAL: It is inspiring us to for us to think about some new projects for us to work on This is definitely modifying our projects that we already thought about. 
SALLY: This experience is the best experience you will ever have in your life. Enjoy to the max. And take advantage from this experience as much as you can. Because you're a TechGirl, you’re benefitting your future, and you are doing something for a new generation, so enjoy!