January 15, 2020

FLEX Student of the Month – January 2020

We are pleased to announce Anush Margaryan from Armenia as the FLEX January Student of the Month! She is placed by ASSE and hosted in Arlington, Kansas, where she attends Hutchinson High School.

Anush hit the ground running and hasn’t stopped since her arrival in the United States. She is a dedicated member of her host school and community, giving six country presentations and amassing a staggering 130 volunteer service hours at the church nursery, the community college child care center, the county Communities that Care events, and the local elementary school—all while maintaining straight A’s.

Anush created a school club called Girl Up Hutchinson, which has 60 members and explores the role of girls in STEAM fields and leadership opportunities. For United Nations Day, she organized an International Exchange Day with the help of the school counselor who is also the club advisor. Anush and the club also organized a Toy & Book drive for International Day of the Girl, with all collected toys and books given to St. Francis Ministries to benefit foster children.

With the school physics team, Anush participated in the Aerospace Engineering Design competition, called Under the Stars, organized by the University of Kansas School of Engineering. Her team presented four water rockets, one of which won first place. She also participated in the school Scholars Bowl tournament, where her team won five rounds. Anush and her Biology class conducted a successful on-site research project about the quality of the Arkansas River and the presence of beneficial organisms in the water. Anush is planning a neuroscience experiment to explore the way right- and left-handedness are connected to math problem solving skills. She is also a member of the Art Club.

Anush shadowed a member of the State Board of Education, who is also a painter, singer, actor, and music teacher. Anush said she learned to always believe in herself and believe in the people around her with whom she works. She also learned that it is important to learn from one’s mistakes and take advantage of every opportunity.

Congratulations, Anush!

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