October 4, 2019

FLEX Student of the Month – October 2019

We are pleased to announce Aynur Tagiyeva from Turkmenistan as the FLEX October Student of the Month! She is placed by World Link and hosted in Stuart, IA.

Aynur is having a remarkable start to her exchange year! She is already nearing her goal of 100 volunteer service hours, is a member of four school leadership clubs, and has given two cultural presentations.

Aynur’s 80 community service hours have been earned through a variety of volunteering activities. She has helped at the public library on ten occasions, where she cleans shelves and organizes books, and she has also created a new bulletin board for the upcoming season. Aynur has volunteered at the Adel Corn Fest, Policeman’s National Night Out, a community carnival for the fire department, several festivals, and Scoop the Loop. Each event has given her the opportunity to meet many community members. She has restored a local trail through planting new shrubbery, has begun working with children in Cub Scouts, and has volunteered at the local nursing home, where she ended her time by playing the piano for the elderly residents.

At school, Aynur took the opportunity to learn saxophone and join her school’s marching band. She is a member of FFA, 4-H, and FCCLA. As a member of Student Council, she gave students an inspirational start to their school year by writing words of encouragement in chalk on the sidewalks to greet students arriving at her high school, as well as at two nearby middle schools and an elementary school.

Only a short week after her U.S. arrival, Aynur gave two cultural presentations: first to youth who attend summer camp at a community center, and then later in the evening, to over 50 attendees at a public cultural event in the library where she gave a sample of a traditional Turkmen dish.

Aynur plans to participate in all program opportunities, maintain good grades, and have an unforgettable year.

Congratulations, Aynur!

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