April 3, 2018

José Rodríguez

 José Rodríguez of Panama, 20, is an emerging AfroPanamanian leader who promotes education—what he views as the path to economic and social equality. As one of the directors of Ayundiga!, an educational platform that provides free mathematics, physics and other science lessons through simple and entertaining videos, José has helped improve the quality of education, not only in Panama, but throughout Latin America. Ayundiga!’s YouTube channel has over 6,000,000 views. As a social worker, José has visited remote communities, as well as “red zones” with high levels of crime, to help children from indigenous communities understand science and math as part of the Star Panama Program—an educational empowerment system he has been involved with since its creation, coaching students to use education to attain economic advantages. The Fulbright Engagement Innovation Fund selected star Panama as a winner under the “Empowering women and girls” category. José is an active member of the United Youth for Education—a local group that advocates making education a national priority in Panama.

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