April 18, 2017

Moisés Salazar Vila

Moisés Salazar was born in the province of Callao, where the provincial government has declared a state of emergency more than five times due to high levels of crime. Moisés is using technology to address the security concerns of his community. Without formal training, he created a mobile app called “Reach,” which allows users to report criminal activity in real-time, alerting other app users in the area and drawing immediate assistance in case of emergencies. "Reach” has become a network based on geolocation that connects citizens and authorities in the fight against crime to make their communities safer.  In 2015, Moisés was recognized as Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional. In 2016, he was invited to United Kingdom by the Duke of York to present his app in St. James Palace.  Moisés continues with his work against organized crime and tries to promote campaigns against human trafficking, discrimination, and domestic violence against women.

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