American Music Abroad

Program Spotlight

Tony Memmel

Tony Memmel and His Band: Back From Tour

After his #AmericanMusicAbroad tour, guitarist Tony Memmel, shares how music helped him connect with youth with physical differences around the world.

Man holding mic wearing sunglasses and holding his fist out as he sings on stage with background singers behind him

American Music Abroad - Wordsmith on Tour and in Studio

Baltimore-based rapper Wordsmith toured Africa in 2016 with the American Music Abroad program, part of American Voices, funded by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, U.S. Department of State.

The American Bluegrass band, The Student Loan, performs during their Rhythm Road tour of Asia.

The Rhythm Road - Bluegrass Band The Student Loan

Members of the bluegrass band, The Student Loan, talk about their trip to Asia as part of The Rhythm Road.

Vice Verse All Star Band

The Rhythm Road - Vice Verse All Stars

Members of the music group, Vice Verse All Stars, share their thoughts before leaving on a State Department-sponsored trip to West Africa.

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